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Sales Consultancy

Our consultancy and sourcing services extend right across the range of products and materials used in different industries, supporting both western businesses looking to source their components or products in the far east, and Chinese businesses looking to develop or improve their business relationships with OEM customers in the UK or Europe.

OEM Solutions

Our specialist team have a combined experience of 45 years, derived from working in a variety of OEM production-driven environments. We understand the importance of protecting the Intellectual Property of our OEM customers, developing the manufacture of these products right through to serial schedule production.

Assist China & Asia Business

We provide effective and comprehensive marketing & communication strategies for Chinese brands seeking to export their products to the UK. From B2B in the UK and EU, to product fulfillment, we understand every step of your need

Assist UK & EU Business

We have strong experience in designing winning market entry strategies by effectively capturing the consumer needs and preferences. We can identify key parameters for a range of business strategy models, based on both survey and historical data. We provide effective and comprehensive marketing & communication strategies for British brands seeking to export their products to China.


We help importing: Fabrication, machinery, welding parts, consumer electronics, plastic & jig moulding parts, marketing promotion products, agriculture products, steel products and Street Furniture.


Over 500 of our client’s products have been successfully brought to market, with many products being stocked in nationwide stores. Our exporting includes: UK retail brand, fashion, skincare, babycare, electronic devices, supplement and gardening.

Every business is unique, let us provide you with the most fitting solution for your business expansion.

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