We provide effective and comprehensive marketing & business strategies for Chinese & Asian brands seeking to export their products or service to the UK & EU market.

UK & EU Sales Representation

AE Link are working very closely with our Chinese & Asian suppliers. We built up an extensive supplier database. We represent them as their UK and EU solo distributors to help them set up local distributor center. Also, we act as their ‘UK & EU Sales Consultancy Agent’ and help to promote business on their behalf.

For the past 10 years, we have worked successfully on construction, agricultural machinery and also engineering products sector projects. We have formed solid links for business between China & Asia and the UK & EU, which have resulted in growth and have generated multi-million business revenues for our business partners.

Our business relationships are solidly founded on trust and mutual respect, enabling us to work with the Far East factories, manufacturers and distributors to identify their market needs in the UK and EU.

Product & Packaging Design

For any premium Chinese brand companies seeking entry to the UK and EU markets, modern and eye-catching packaging is a very important feature. Good product and packaging design will make your product grow legs and jump into the customers’ shopping carts!

Our creative product designers have extensive experience in helping Chinese businesses to create a brand image which is attractive to western markets. If you want an English translation and UK product & package design, please get in contact with us.

Ebay & Amazon Fulfillment

Based on our solid 10 years of trading experience, we have an excellent insight into the fulfilment operation in the UK and Europe. We provide competitive warehouse storage costs and parcel delivery rates.

Our parcel and pallet delivery network covers not just the UK, but also Germany, France, Netherlands and other EU countries. If you want to set up additional fulfilment centres in any other countries, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

Our Amazon Strategy:

  • Digital brand kit (brand, product catalogues and media publications)
  • Customer care
  • Return services
  • Listings optimisation
  • Assessment Strategy
  • Buy box targets monitoring
  • Account set-up and brand registry
  • Ongoing active price management
  • Stock logistics and FBA/FBM management
  • Merchant of record and Trustee services
  • Training coaching
  • Sponsored add management
  • Lightning deals, other promotional


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